Internet Access overview
  • 01 Oct 2023
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    Internet Access overview

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      Welcome aboard the Internet Access Overview section at Perimeter 81's Help Center!

      This guide offers a sneak peek into this category and the must-visit resources.

      Internet Access - What's Inside?

      The Secure Internet Overview category secures your online activities via Perimeter 81.

      With comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides, we help you understand the features and settings to bolster your internet security.

      Malware Protection

      The Secure Web Gateway feature includes a Malware protection engine that intercepts malicious traffic on a user device and protects your users from malware coming through the web.

      The tool can scan files of all types, such as:

      • HTML
      • PDF
      • DOCX
      • EXE
      • RAR
      • ZIP
      • JS
      • Fonts
      • Pieces of malicious code injected into existing files
      • Many others

      Suppose malicious content is detected during a scan. In that case, the Secure Web Gateway will block it and present the user with a notification detailing the type of malicious content that was detected and blocked:

      Malware that comes from an application on the local machine.
      If malware is detected in any other application except your browser (such as Slack), a notification about the block will appear within the Perimeter 81 Agent.
      • The Malware detection engine scans the file and blocks access until the software decides if it’s clear or malicious. 
      • The Malware detection engine scans traffic on the endpoint itself, not affecting your Gateway's performance.
      • The Malware detection engine activates automatically for any user with the Web filtering feature activated.
      Payload limitation
      Currently, the Malware Protection Engine scans files under 10MB only.

      Must-Visit Resources

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      This is just a glimpse! Explore the Secure Internet Overview category for more detailed guides and rich resources.

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