Downloading and Installing the Agent
  • 28 Jun 2024
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    Downloading and Installing the Agent

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      Downloading the agents

      In the Downloads page, you can download the Harmony SASE Agent.

      To view the Downloads page, access the Harmony SASE Administrator Portal and click DevicesDownloads.

      • The version available here may be newer than the default version for some customers, while a gradual rollout is underway.
      • The Harmony SASE Agent is not supported on devices with ARM processor.
      Operating SystemDownload
      macOS 11 or later
      Windows 10 64-bit or later
      MSI (for mass deployment)
      Ubuntu 20.04 or later 
      Redhat 7 or later
      Fedora 30 or later
      Linux 7 or later
      RPM \  RPM (Fedora)
      iOS 15 or later
      App Store
      Android / Chromebook
      Android 8.1.0 or later
      Google Play
      MDM Deployment
      If the devices in your organization are managed through a central desktop management tool you may prefer remote installation instead of having team members download and install the agent on their own.
      Web Security (SWG) - Agents with the Web Security feature enabled will require additional steps to ensure the feature's full functionality. Follow the steps described in this article.

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