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  • 12 Sep 2023
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    About SCIM

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      Welcome aboard the SCIM section at Perimeter 81's Help Center! This guide offers you a sneak

      SCIM - What's Inside?

      The SCIM category is all about the System for Cross-domain Identity Management, an open standard that enhances the automation of user provisioning and management. 

      With comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides, we help you understand the benefits of SCIM and how it can streamline user management by ensuring continuous information sharing between identity providers and service providers.

      When using SCIM, changes you make to users on the identity provider side are automatically synced to Perimeter 81.

      - Deleting a user within your IDP - will remove the user from the Perimeter 81 console as well, freeing up that user's license.
      - When creating a new user within your IDP, and provisioning them via the SCIM integration, that user will be automatically created in the Perimeter 81 console.

      This helps organizations and IT managers to manage users within Perimeter 81 with much less hassle.

      Must-Visit Resources

      Currently, Perimeter81 offers SCIM integration for the following Identity providers:

      Jumpstart Your Journey

      If you're just stepping into the world of Perimeter 81, our Getting Started Guide is the perfect starting point.

      Support at Your Fingertips

      Got questions or need help? Our support team is available round the clock. You can chat with us anytime on our website, or drop us an email at support@perimeter81.com.

      Important notes
      • The SCIM feature is supported with our Enterprise plan only.
      • Groups synchronization is not currently supported within the SCIM implementation.

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