Uninstalling the agent
  • 19 Sep 2023
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    Uninstalling the agent

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      This article describes how to manually uninstall the Perimeter81 Agent


      Windows 10

      1. Click the "Search" button
      2. Type "Add or remove programs"
      3. In "Add or remove programs" Search for "Perimeter 81"
      4. Click "Uninstall"

      Windows 11

      1. Click the "Start" menu.
      2. Select the "Settings" option.
      3. Go to "Apps."
      4. Select "Installed Apps."
      5. Search for "Perimeter81."
      6. Click the "..." button next to your version of the Perimeter 81 agent, and select "Uninstall."


      1. Open Finder.
      2. Under "Favorites", select "Applications."
      3. Locate the "Perimeter 81 Application.
      4. Drap & Drop the application into the trash.

      MacOS uninstall script:

      You may also uninstall the MacOS client using the following script: Link



      sudo apt remove --purge <Perimeter81 package> sudo rm -Rf /etc/Perimeter81 sudo rm -Rf $HOME/.config/Perimeter81 sudo rm -Rf /opt/Perimeter81


      Android 13

      1. Open the Google Play Store.
      2. Search for "Perimeter 81."
      3. Locate the application named "Perimeter 81 - Secure Access" and click on it.
        4. Select the "Uninstall" option.


      1. Long-press on the Perimeter 81 Agent icon.

        2. Select "Remove App" from the options that appear

        Support Contacts

        If you have any difficulties or questions, don't hesitate to contact Perimeter 81's support team. We offer 24/7 chat support on our website at Perimeter81.com, or you can email us at support@perimeter81.com

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