MDM App Deployment
  • 08 May 2024
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    MDM App Deployment

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      Welcome aboard the MDM App Deployment section at Harmony SASE's Help Center!
      This guide offers you a sneak peek into this category and the must-visit resources.

      The deployment process of Harmony SASE varies depending on your MDM (Mobile Device Management) provider and is done utilizing a public app deployment process.

      If you are managing the Harmony SASE client deployment using MDM you should disable the Update client functions in the Harmony SASE Web Console to prevent looping client installation issues.

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      .msi installation flags:

      Silent Installation:

      • msiexec /quiet /i 

      Silent Installation and get the installation status back to the deployment service:

      • start /wait msiexec /quiet /i ‚Äú"
      • echo %errorlevel%


      • msiexec /x ""
      Pre-populate the workspace:

      • msiexec /i "" /quiet WORKSPACE="workspace_name"

      Replace "workspace_name" with your actual workspace.

      Pre-populate the data residency region:

      • msiexec /i "" /quiet REGION="EU or US"

      For REGION, add "EU" for Europe and "US" for America.

      Pre-populate both workspace and data residency region:

      • msiexec /i "" /quiet WORKSPACE="workspace_name" REGION="EU or US" 

      Replace "workspace_name" with your actual workspace, and for REGION, add "EU" for Europe and "US" for America.

      .pkg installation flags:

      Silent Installation:

      • $ sudo installer -pkg -target /
      Please note that most MDM providers use a separate user to deploy MacOS packages. In order to change the client permissions please also run in the Post-install script:
      • $ sudo chown -R $(stat -f%Su /dev/console) "/Applications/Permeter"
      • $ chmod -R u=rwx "/Applications/Perimeter"  

      Pre-populate the workspace -Agent version and higher

      • $ sudo defaults write com.perimeter81d workspace "workspace_name"

      Replace "workspace_name" with your actual workspace.

      Remove pre-populated workspace - Agent version and higher

      • $ sudo defaults delete com.perimeter81d workspace

      Pre-populate the region:

      • $ sudo defaults write com.perimeter81d region "EU or US"

      For region, add "EU" for Europe and "US" for America.

      Uninstall script download link: Uninstall Script for MacOS

      During installation (vanilla installation), if the region is not pre-populated, you can switch to the EU instance on the global sign in page when signing in to the Harmony SASE Agent, just as you switch workspaces. The selection is remembered for subsequent logins.

      Jumpstart Your Journey

      If you're just stepping into the world of Harmony SASE, our Getting Started Guide is the perfect starting point.

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