• 19 Oct 2023
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      New Features

      • SCIM Group Sync is now available to all customers!
      • Public APIs - the firewall rules can now be managed using APIs.

      Feature Enhancements

      • HA Tunnels can now be created using a public ASN.
      • User and group names now support Non-English characters, including when synced from IDPs using SCIM.
      • Web filtering - wildcards (asterisks) are now supported in SWG Bypass Rule Domains.
      • Web filtering - the default setting for new rules has been set to 'Deny' as instead of 'Allow'.
      • The left navigation menu now remembers the user preference for expanding/collapsing the menu.
      • The option to use SMS as a 2FA option with Email/Password has been deprecated, as it is considered less secure and being disallowed in certain countries.

      Bug Fixes

      • P81-31272 - Split tunneling - CIDR addresses removed when adding FQDN Objects
      • P81-31385 - Attempt to view or create API keys produces an error

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