• 03 Nov 2023
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      New Features

      • Agent Update Control - The User Configuration Profile screen now includes a new 'Agent Upgrades' section. Admins can use this section to disable agent upgrades and user notifications per user profile. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that prefer to distribute agents using their own MDM tools.
      • SWG Insights Widgets - We are pleased to announce that the new widgets are now available for all customers using the Secure Web Gateway (SWG). These widgets will provide valuable insights to our customers by displaying information regarding the top malware types blocked by the web filtering categories and the distribution of blocks per user. You can access this information on the Web Activity and Malware Protection log pages.

      Feature Enhancements

      • P81-32789 Integration Partners - added Annual/Monthly plan control

      Bug Fixes

      • P81-30291 - Login issue when switching Google Services IDP to Google Services SAML 2.0
      • P81-31700 - Old user ID is synced after being changed on IDP (Azure AD) side
      • P81-32166 - Importing AWS tunnel config file with incorrect ASN overrides the network setting in the UI
      • P81-32316 - Export of Member activity doesn't show the Internal IP column
      • P81-33086 - ipVerson is null after changing address object type from FQDN to IP
      • P81-32195 - Improved DNS caching - increased TTL in public DNS resonse

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