• 27 Jul 2021
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This article describes how to configure JumpCloud for use as an identity provider for Perimeter 81. 

  • Configuring the JumpCloud SSO application
  • Configuring JumpCloud in the Management Platform
  • Access Error troubleshooting

Please follow the steps below:

Configuring the JumpCloud SSO application

  1. Open the JumpCloud Administrator Console.
  2. Select Applications in the main navigation panel.
  3. Select the + in the upper left, then select Configure in the SAML 2.0 line.
  4. In the General Info section enter values of your own choice.
  5. In the Single Sign-On configuration section, fill in the following information. Replace {{workspace}} with your Perimeter 81 workspace name (see attached example).
  1. Make sure to leave the rest of the fields with the default values:

7. Define the user attributes as follows:

Service Provider Attribute NameJumpCloud Attribute Name

8. Enable Group Attributes and specify the group attribute - "groups":
9. Select Activate.

10. Select the application you've just created and download the IdP certificate.

Configuring JumpCloud in the Management Platform

At this point, you will configure the integration from the Perimeter 81 side.

  1. Log in to your Perimeter 81 Management Platform, and navigate to Settings and then Identity Providers.
  2. Select + Add Provider.
  3. Choose Okta Identity Cloud.
  4. Sign In URL: https://sso.jumpcloud.com/saml2/perimeter81
  5. Add your organization domain.
  6. Paste the certification from JumpCloud.
  7. Select Done.

Access Error troubleshooting

If your users are getting access error after the configuration, please check these steps.

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