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  • 10 Jun 2024
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    Support Access

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      Here at Harmony SASE, we take security very seriously and would never ask anyone to share their login information with us. However, in order to help solve a local network issue, it is often necessary for one of our support engineers to have access to your environment. In order to facilitate this conveniently and securely we've implemented Support Access. Any user in the Admin or Manager role can assign single or multiple team members a Support Access role which would allow a support technician from Harmony SASE to login in as that user without requiring their credentials. 

      How does this affect licensing?

      Allowing Support Access does not require an additional user license

      To view the Support Access page, access Harmony SASE and click Settings > Support Access.

      Select a Duration period to allow support access for the particular user . Options are:
      (day, week, month, year)


      Select the User or Group of your choice, and click Grant Access:


      The Status column shows the current status of the Support Access permission. You can't have multiple ones and the Access History will show that with each modification of the member list, the perimission will expire and a new one will become active


      Revoking Access

      If you need to revoke access for the current set of user, use the Revoke Access button. This will revoke support access.

      How do I know when they access our network?

      A record of each user and support agent login is recorded in the activity log and can also be sent to your SIEM or Splunk instance with our Premium or Enterprise plans.

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