How to use the Public API
  • 13 Feb 2024
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    How to use the Public API

      Article Summary

      This article describes how to access the complete documentation for the Harmony SASE Public API (v2).

      Authorize via Access Token
      • This API version fully aligns with OpenAPI standards.
      This feature is being Beta tested.
      • This version of the API (v2) is in beta, some features may be subject to change, and not all features may be available at this time. 
      • Approved beta testers may deliver feedback and suggestions on improving the API.

      API Endpoints

      The Harmony SASE Public API allows you to programmatically create and manage the following classes within the Harmony SASE platform:

      • Networks
      • Gateways
      • Regions
      • Users
      • Groups
      • Tunnels


      Our documentation is hosted in SwaggerHub: Use this link to access it.

      This documentation provides the following:

      • A detailed description of the available endpoints and services.
      • A schema containing available requests and responses.

      Swaggerhub also allows you to:

      • Try the API.
      • Export configurations.
      • Generate SDKs.

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