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  • 30 Jan 2024
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      This article describes how to whitelist your Harmony SASE Gateway at the Microsoft Azure Portal, which allows you to restrict access to a certain resource within an Azure Virtual Network to users connected to the secure Harmony SASE gateway only. While this method needs to be applied to every particular resource, it is a good alternative for those who'd like to avoid setting up a Site-to-Site connection to a VNet.

      1. Open the Azure Portal and select the resource which you'd like to restrict access to.
      2. Navigate to the Networking tab and select Add inbound port rule.
      3. Fill in the following information:
      • Source: IP Addresses
      • Source IP addresses/CIDR ranges: Insert you Harmony SASE Gateway IP
      • Source port ranges: (all)
      • Destination: Any
      • Destination port ranges: (all)
      • Protocol: Any
      • Action: Allow
      • Priority: Leave default value
      • Name: P81
      • Description: Optional
      1. Select Add Rule.

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