• 11 May 2021
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This article describes how to set Rippling as your identity provider.

  • Configuring your Rippling account
  • Configuring Perimeter 81
  • Access Error troubleshooting.

Please follow the steps below:

Note: To successfully integrate Rippling and Perimeter 81 you must have admin access in both platforms.

Configuring your Rippling account

  1. Log in to your Rippling account.
  2. On the general Rippling dashboard, select Settings
  3. Select Add or Uninstall Accounts.
  4. Select Add Another Perimeter 81 Account.
  5. Select Connect Existing Account. The following page is displayed:
  6. Select Install. The following page displays:

  7. Choose an option and select Continue.

  8. Enter the Perimeter 81 domain page.
  9. Provide Perimeter 81 with the Rippling SAML information. You can download the certificate information and upload it to Perimeter 81.
  10. Copy the idP Sign URL. Click Move to the Next Step.
    Optional: Configure Groups 

    Admins can enter the value "groups" in Step 3 if they want the integration with Rippling to also pass the groups parameter to Perimeter81

  11. Decide who will get a Perimeter 81 account when they join the company.

  12. Select Move to the Next Step.

  13. Decide when employees or consultants get access to Perimeter 81.
  14. Select Move to the Next Step.
  15. Decide whether to allow other individuals to sign into the account. Select Continue.
  16. Select Connect via Rippling to test the connection and select Continue.
  17. Once installed, open the app.
  18. Select Settings to enter the Perimeter 81 information.

Configuring Perimeter 81

You need to configure the integration from the Perimeter 81 side.

  1. Log in to your Perimeter 81 Management Platform, and navigate to Settings and then IdentityProviders.
  2. Select + Add Provider.
  3. Select SAML 2.0 Identity Providers.
  4. Fill in Sign In URL, Signing Certificate.
  5. Add your organization domain.
  6. Paste the certification from Rippling (begin and end line included).
  7. Select Done.

Access Error troubleshooting

If your users are getting access error after the configuration, please check these steps.

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