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  • 28 Jul 2021
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    PingOne for Enterprise

      Article Summary

      This article describes how to configure PingOne for Enterprise for use as an identity provider for Perimeter 81. 

      • Configuring your PingOne for Enterprise account
      • Configuring Perimeter 81

      Please follow the steps below:

      Note: To successfully integrate PingOne for Enterprise and Perimeter 81, you must have admin access on both platforms.

      Configuring your PingOne for Enterprise account

      1. Log in to your PingOne for Enterprise account.
      2. On the upper toolbar in your PingOne for Enterprise screen select Applications. This takes you to the My Applications screen.
      3. Click on SAML. Open the Add Application drop-down and select New SAML Application
      4. On the pop-up window, fill in the following details:
      • Application Name: Perimeter 81
      • Application Description: Perimeter 81 SAML Connection
      • Category: Information Technology
      • Graphics: Add the Perimeter 81 Logo (Optional)

      6. Click Continue to Next Step to proceed.
      7. On the Application Configuration window click on I have the SAML configuration.
      8. Fill in the following information:

      • Signing Certificate: PingOne Account Origination Certificate
      • Protocol Version: SAML v 2.0
      • Assertion Consumer Service (ACS):{{WORKSPACE}}-oc
      • Entity ID: urn:auth0:perimeter81:{{WORKSPACE}}-oc

      Note: The workspace should be changed to your Perimeter 81 tenant name.

      9. Click Continue to Next Step to proceed. 

      10. On the SSO Attribute Mapping window, you will need to map the following attributes: | Application Attribute | Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value |
      | -- | -- |
      | email| Email|
      | given_name| First Name|
      | family_name| Last Name|
      | groups| memberOf|

      11. Click Continue to Next Step to proceed.

      12. On the Group Access window select the user groups that should have access to the PingOne for Enterprise Login Page. To allow access to all users we recommend adding Users@Directory.
      13. Click Continue to Next Step to proceed.
      14. On the Review Setup window copy the "idpid" and click on the Download link next to Signing Certificate.
      15. Click Save and Close.
      16. On My Applications screen verify that the Perimeter 81 application is set to Enabled - Yes.

      Configuring Perimeter 81

      You need to configure the integration from the Perimeter 81 side.

      1. Log in to your Perimeter 81 Management Platform, and navigate to Settings and then Identity Providers.
      2. Select + Add Provider.
      3. Select SAML 2.0 Identity Cloud.
      4. Fill in the Sign In URL with the following URL:{{idpid}} (fill in the idpid from step 14).
      5. Add your organization domains.
      6. Paste the certification from the downloaded idp-signing.crt file (begin and end line included).
      7. Select Save.

      Access Error troubleshooting

      If your users are getting access error after the configuration, please check these steps.

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