Installing Harmony SASE on Android devices (Android/Chromebook)
  • 29 Apr 2024
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    Installing Harmony SASE on Android devices (Android/Chromebook)

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      How do I install Harmony SASE on Android devices?

      The following guide contains information on how to install Harmony SASE on Android/Chromebook devices using an APK file.

      Android devices installation:

      1. Download the APK installation file. The latest version of the APK file is available here
      2. Tap on the downloaded file or go to your file manager to access it
      3. You will be prompted to allow installation from an untrusted source, tap allow
        1. Note that you might need to navigate to your file settings and allow files from untrusted source manually, depending on your Android device model and version

      Chromebook installation:

      1. Download the APK installation file. The latest version of the APK file is available here.
      2. You will need to enable "Developer Mode" and ADB debugging
      3. To enable "Developer Mode", please follow these steps:
        1. Turn off your Chromebook.
        2. Turn your Chromebook back on
        3. While your Chromebook is restarting, simultaneously hold the Esc + Refresh key + Power button
        4. Once a warning pops up, press and hold the Ctrl + D keys simultaneously
        5. Your device should restart and you will enter development mode
      4. Once "Developer Mode"has been enabled please follow these steps:
        1. Open the Chromebook settings menu
        2. Click "Advanced" > "Developers" tab
        3. Click on "Linux development environment"
        4. Click on "Develop Android apps"
        5. Enable "ADB debugging"
      5. Once "ADB debugging" is enabled, go to the menu and open the "Terminal" under "Linux Apps"
      6. Click "penguin" to open a Linux terminal
      7. Type the following command to install ADB tools which will allow the installation of APK files: 
      8. sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb -y
      9. Once performed, navigate back to the Linux menu
      10. Open "My Files" app
      11. Drag the downloaded APK file to the "Linux Files" tab, this will create a new directory in the Linux terminal.
      12. Go back to the "penguin" Linux terminal
      13. Type "df -h /boot/", you should see the default location where the new directory was created.
      14. Navigate to the file system "cd /dev/hda1" should be the default folder where the APK file is located at.
      15. Once navigated into the new directory, type the following command to install Harmony SASE:
      16. adb install “filename.apk”
      17. Once completed you should be able to find the Harmony SASE agent installed in the Chromebook menu.

      If you encounter any issues during the installation process, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support or chat service at

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