DUO Security
  • 30 Jan 2024
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    DUO Security

      Article Summary

      This article describes how to configure DUO security for Harmony SASE. 

      • Configuring the DUO SSO application
      • Configuring Harmony SASE

      Please follow the steps below.

      Configuring the DUO SSO application

      You must generate an integration key, API hostname, and Secret key to connect Harmony SASE to DUO.

      1. On the Applications page select Protect an Application.
      2. In the search bar type "Web SDK" and select "Protect this Application" as shown in the image below.
      3. After creating the app, you can find the Client ID, Client secret, and API hostname in the Details section.
      4. To Change the Name of the Application, scroll down to Settings-> Name.

      Configuring Harmony SASE

      1. Log in to your Harmony SASE Management Platform, navigate to Settings, and then Identity Providers.
      2. Select + Add Provider.
      3. Choose Two-factor authentication on the desired IDP by selecting Turn On.
      4. On the page that displays, select Duo Security.
      5. Fill in the integration key, API hostname, and Secret key from the DUO configuration

      6. Select Done.

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