Device Inventory
  • 16 Feb 2024
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    Device Inventory

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      The Device Inventory page provides inventory details about your devices.

      To access the Device Inventory page, go to Devices > Device Inventory.

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      OS Distribution

      OS Distribution.png
      The OS Distribution widget shows the distribution of operating systems across devices by percentage.

      Posture Status

      Posture Status.png
      The Posture Status widget shows the posture status of your devices by percentage. For more information, see Manage DPC.

      Device Inventory Details

      Column NameDescription
      Member NameUser of the device.
      Device NameName of the device.
      OS VersionOperating System and version of the device.
      Agent VersionAgent version installed on the device.
      StatusThe last known device status.
      • Online - Agent is running and the user is signed in but not connected to the VPN.
      • Offline - Device is turned off or not connected to the internet.
      • Connected - Agent is connected to the VPN.
      User AuthenticatedUser authentication status.
      • Authenticated - User has signed in to the agent with valid credentials.
      • Not Authenticated - User authentication has expired or invalid credentials entered.
      Last LoginDate and time of the last login.
      Posture StatusDevice Posture Check (DPC)status.
      • Healthy - Device is compliant with the DPC policy.
      • Not Healthy - Device is not compliant with the DPC policy.
      • No Status - User has not signed in since the DPC policy assignment or no DPC policy assigned to the device.
      Security WarningReason for the failed DPC. For example, Missing Anti-Virus software on the device.
      Last Posture CheckDate and time when the posture check was last done.
      Posture PolicyDPC policy applied to the device. 
      Device Serial / IDUnique identifier of the device. For macOS, it is the serial number generated by macOS. For other operating systems, it is generated by Harmony SASE.
      Device TypeType of the device.
      • Desktop
      • Mobile

      Logging Out the Device

      1. For the device you want to log out, scroll to the end of the row and click Perimeter81_More.png.
      2. Go to Actions and click Logout Device.

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