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  • 29 Apr 2024
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      This guide will walk you through the process of establishing a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel between your Harmony SASE network and your Heroku Enterprise environment.

      Breakdown of topics

      1. Pre-requisites
      2. Configuration Steps
      3. Verifying the Setup
      4. Troubleshooting
      5. Support Contacts


      To successfully follow this guide, you should have:

      1. An active Harmony SASE account and network.
      2. The Harmony SASE app is installed on your devices.
      3. An active Heroku Enterprise account with admin permissions.

      Configuration Steps

      After you obtain your private Harmony SASE gateway, set up a VPN gateway for the Private Space with the following command:

      * Shell 
      Copy ```
      heroku spaces:vpn:connect \
           --name   perimeter81 \   --ip   PUBLIC_IP_OF_YOUR_VPN_GATEWAY \   --cidrs     ''   \   --space   SPACE  

      Setting up the gateway takes a few minutes. Use the Wait command to wait for the gateway to be ready:

        * Shell 
      Copy ```
      heroku   spaces  :vpn  :wait   --space    SPACE   perimeter81  

      When the gateway is ready, get the configuration with:

        * Shell 
      Copy ```
      heroku   spaces  :vpn  :info   --space    SPACE   perimeter81  

      This returns a table containing all the details you need to configure Harmony SASE. Here is an example response:

        * Text 
      Copy ```
      heroku spaces:vpn:info --space SPACE perimeter81
      === SPACE VPNs
      VPN Tunnel  Customer Gateway  VPN Gateway    Pre-shared Key  Routable Subnets  IKE Version
      ──────────  ────────────────  ─────────────  ──────────────  ────────────────  ───────────
      Tunnel 1 abcdef12345 /16 1 Tunnel 2 123456abcdef /16 1 

      Verifying the Setup

      After following the above steps, your tunnel should be active.
      To verify, go to your Harmony SASE dashboard, locate the tunnel you just created, and check the tunnel status.
      It should indicate that the tunnel is "Up", signifying a successful connection.
      Next, connect to your network using the Harmony SASE agent and attempt to access one of the resources in your environment.


      If you encounter issues during or after the setup, try reviewing your settings to ensure everything matches the instructions. In particular, check the IP addresses and other details you entered during setup. If issues persist, please consult our dedicated support.

      Support Contacts

      If you have any difficulties or questions, don't hesitate to contact Harmony SASE's support team. We offer 24/7 chat support on our website at Perimeter81.com, or you can email us at sase-support@checkpoint.com. We're here to assist you and ensure your VPN tunnel setup is a success

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