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  • 26 Jul 2021
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      This article describes how you can configure a connection from your Heroku Private Services to Perimeter 81 using IPSec. This lets you connect to hosts on your private networks and vice versa. Connections are established over the public internet, but all traffic is encrypted using IPSec.

      Setting up the VPN connection

      After you obtain your private Perimeter 81 gateway, set up a VPN gateway for the Private Space with the following command:

      * Shell 
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      heroku spaces:vpn:connect \
           --name   perimeter81 \   --ip   PUBLIC_IP_OF_YOUR_VPN_GATEWAY \   --cidrs     ''   \   --space   SPACE  

      Setting up the gateway takes a few minutes. Use the Wait command to wait for the gateway to be ready:

        * Shell 
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      heroku   spaces  :vpn  :wait   --space    SPACE   perimeter81  

      When the gateway is ready, get the configuration with:

        * Shell 
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      heroku   spaces  :vpn  :info   --space    SPACE   perimeter81  

      This returns a table containing all the details you need to configure Perimeter 81. Here is an example response:

        * Text 
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      heroku spaces:vpn:info --space SPACE perimeter81
      === SPACE VPNs
      VPN Tunnel  Customer Gateway  VPN Gateway    Pre-shared Key  Routable Subnets  IKE Version
      ──────────  ────────────────  ─────────────  ──────────────  ────────────────  ───────────
      Tunnel 1 abcdef12345 /16 1 Tunnel 2 123456abcdef /16 1 

      Please contact us at support@perimeter81.com, to coordinate and share the configuration above securely.

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