Network Overview
  • 29 Apr 2024
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    Network Overview

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      Welcome aboard the Networks section at Harmony SASE's Help Center! This guide offers you a sneak peek into this category and the must-visit resources.

      Networks - What's Inside?

      The Networks category is all about understanding and leveraging Harmony SASE's networking capabilities. With comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides, we help you secure and streamline your organization's network access, even if you're new to network management.

       Network Components

      Each network is composed of three basic components - RegionsGateways, and Tunnels.

      Region(s)- Physical locations where your Gateway(s) will be deployed.

      One Network can have several Regions for lower latency and better performance.
      Members connecting to a multi-regional Network will automatically be routed to the closest Region.

      • Private Gateway(s) - Dedicated private servers deployed in your selected Region(s). Every Gateway has its own static IP address and can be connected to other on-premises or cloud resources by Tunnels

      One Region can have several Gateways, which improves the redundancy of your Network and ensures better load-balancing between the Gateways.

      • Tunnel(s) - Site-to-Site securely encrypted connections deployed from your Gateway(s) to your on-premises and cloud-based resources in order to connect them to your Network.

      Tunnels can be used to connect all of your branches to one Network by easily deploying a Tunnel to each one of them. One Gateway can have several Tunnel connections.

       Must-Visit Resources

      - Creating and Managing Networks: Master the art of creating and maintaining your networks within Harmony SASE. 

      - Establishing a Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel: Uncover how to establish a secure VPN tunnel to both cloud-based solutions like AWS and Azure, and on-premise firewalls and routers. 

      - Network Troubleshooting Guide: Troubleshoot your network issues using this guide. It covers common problems and solutions to help you resolve issues quickly. [Insert link to resource]

      This is just a glimpse. Explore the Networks category for more detailed guides and rich resources.

       Jumpstart Your Journey

       If you're just stepping into the world of Harmony SASE, our Getting Started Guide is the perfect starting point.

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