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  • 04 Mar 2024
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    Quick Start

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      Harmony SASE is a cloud-based secure access service edge (SASE) platform that helps you secure your network and resources by providing a comprehensive suite of security solutions. With Harmony SASE, you can quickly and easily onboard your network resources, branch offices, and employees into the platform in as little as 15 minutes.

      Discover the power of Harmony SASE in action

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      How Do I Get Started?

      1. Create your Network: 

      Create your secure network consisting of regions and private gateways. Learn more about our network components and structure here

      2. Connect your On-Prem and Cloud Infrastructure

      Deploy site-to-site tunnels to securely connect your local and cloud resources. You can integrate seamlessly with any cloud IaaS environment (like AWS, Azure, and GCP), on-premises firewalls (like Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, SonicWALL, and more), routers, or SD-WAN devices. This will allow you to build and secure your networks and network resources from one place, and model them in a simple, visual way. 

      3. Invite your Employees:

      Integrate with your Identity Provider and invite your users. Create or import your user groups and build user-centric network or application policies accordingly.

      4. Set Up Secure Access Rules (Zero Trust Network Access): 

      Download and deploy our agents to your organization-managed devices; Configure agent-less access, Zero Trust Applications, user-centric firewall policies, device posture check rules. 

      4. Set Up Secure Internet Rules  (Secure Web Gateway)*

      Configure the Web Security policies, and set up Bypass Rules for traffic that should not be inspected. Advanced Malware Protection will be enabled by default. 

      *SWG add-on required

      5. Watch your Network

      Track member activities and alerts, active sessions, user devices, and compliance status, malware reports, web activity reports, network firewall logs, and more.

      At any stage of the process, we'd love to answer questions and hear your feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact your account manager, Customer Success Engineer, or our support engineers.

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