How do I manage Zero Trust Application Access policies?

Perimeter Zero

Zero Trust Application Access policies are a combination of rules and policies which allow or deny your application access according to identity rules.

To create a policy, choose a customized name for your policy, which will help you to understand the policy restriction when restricting application access. For example: "Restrict Remote Access to Production Environment".

Policies can be defined by a combination of policies and rules, according to logical operators:

1. Allow or deny when all conditions match.

2. Allow or deny when at least one match.


After setting up the conditions, the policies and rules will be defined. To create new rules for a policy, simply start defining new rules or select previously defined policies.


The final policy definition will be a combination of rules and policies defined, as shown in the example below:




Once you have applied the permission rules, the new policy will be configured. The new policy you have created will be listed in your available policies and you can assign it to any application.

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