How do I manage Zero Trust Application Access?

Perimeter Zero

Perimeter 81's Zero Trust Application Access is a cutting-edge solution that allows organizations to provide their workforce with secure, zero trust access to popular web applications - without an agent.

By applying user connection identification rules, continuous protection of your organization’s applications will be seamlessly implemented.

Based on customized protocols, organizations have the opportunity to deploy four types of application access to their workforce.

To get started, you’ll need to add an application to your Perimeter 81 account.


For more information on how to add an application see Adding an Application.

After you have created an application, a list of the applications that you deployed will be available.  You will able to switch which group of users will have access and which policy will be enabled for the application. If the user's identification and policy rules match up, they will have access to the application deployed on the network.

Each user will see a complete list of available applications that they have permission to access.
Once they select the application they will be automatically connected and will be able to work more securely.



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