iOS - What's new in Version 6.0.2 ?

June 4, 2019

New features

  • IOS-125 - Show onboarding screens in case of the upgrade to the version with the higher Major version
  • IOS-378- Implemented UI for Split Tunneling
  • IOS-377 - Split Tunneling implementation specifics
  • IOS-386 - Added Fast-Login functionality, to avoid VPN credentials update issue on each app load
  • IOS-366 - Implemented Sync up application settings periodically (poll app/sync + ETag + If-None-Match)
  • IOS-365 - Implemented Sync up locations list with the backend periodically

  • IOS-380 - Implemented Logout user if needed based on the app/sync response

  • IOS-362 - Implemented Settings - Auto Reconnect

  • IOS-381 - Implemented Settings - for automatic WiFi Security


Bug Fixes

  • IOS-358 - P81: Application reflects N/A location on main screen

  • IOS-367 - Sometimes during change tenant procedure locations don't updates

  • IOS-29 - Automatic Wi-Fi Security didn't work well after device lock

  • IOS-372 - Unable to switch connection between locations while we have an active VPN connection.

  • IOS-346 - Fixed issue when connection to VPN was established automatically before the user log in into to the application when connected to Unsecured WiFi

  • IOS-373 - Fixed issue when the Location flag of some locations appear smaller then actual size

  • IOS-379 - Replaced all occurrences of GET app/auth with GET app/sync


Known issues : none

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