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June 2, 2019

New features 

  • WIN-477 - Support WiFi Security Enforcement by administrator
  • WIN-568 - Sync up locations list with the backend periodically
  • WIN-570 - Settings - Ability to administrator to define default Protocol
  • WIN-571 - Settings - Ability to administrator to define Kill Switch
  • WIN-572 - Settings - Ability to administrator to define auto connect on launch
  • WIN-574 - Settings - Ability to administrator to define Forced update (autoUpdate)
  • WIN-578 - Sync up application settings periodically (poll app/sync + ETag + If-None-Match)
  • WIN-581 - Settings - crashReports
  • WIN-592 - UI changes - split tunneling icons and few other on Main Screen
  • WIN-594 - Remove L2TP and PPTP protocols
  • WIN-601 - Settings - Ability to administrator to enable/ disable Connect Disconnect messages
  • WIN-602 - Settings - Ability to administrator to enable/ Disable Reconnect messages
  • WIN-606 - Logout user if needed based on the app/sync response
  • WIN-608 - Network refresh button UI - moved from Networks list to Support tab in settings + made it reload settings too.
  • WIN-609 - Settings - Ability to administrator to define Trusted Wifi Networks
  • WIN-610 - Settings - DNS Leak Fix
  • WIN-616 - Add marker to be able to distinguish automatic app launch from the manual one
  • WIN-607 - Replace all occurrences of GET app/auth with GET app/sync


Bug Fixes

  • WIN-574 - Settings - Forced update - show version on the Upgrade button
  • WIN-578 - changed the implementation from If-None-Match / Etag to If-Modified-Since / Last-Modified
  • WIN-617 - 'Run On Startup' is not shown as enabled after Settings screen reopen - fixed
  • [No ticket] - Fixed the issue with content not fitting onto the General tab by expanding the Settings Window dynamically (Tab control will also resize according to the content of the General tab, if user is on that tab. And then will keep it's size when switching to other tabs.)
  • WIN-538] - Change UI of "Favourites" location listing when there is no location under "Favourites" on system tray menu
  • WIN-576When Split tunnelling is on, only Reconnecting UI should be shown. KIll Switch should not be enabled, so notification should not be shown as well.
  • WIN-611 -  After session lock / unlock UI stays in Connected mode but the VPN is not actually connected
  • WIN-613 -  UI shows connection error and does not disconnect from OpenVPN if the reconnect gets canceled
  • WIN-615 - App crashes if started minimised and user tries to open settings via tray menu
  • [No ticket] - enhanced logging during Signout / Logout
  • [No ticket]  - minor fix - log header w app version
  • [No ticket]  - Removed obsolete Parse logger


Known issues : none

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