Why can't I find the Perimeter 81 app on App Store?


If you can't find Perimeter 81 on your App Store (iOS or Android), please make sure your user is connected to an app store in a country where Perimeter 81 app is available.

For example, the application is not available on the Chinese App Store, and if your user is assigned to the Chinese App Store, you will need to create a new user, assigned to the US store to be able to download it.

 How to change the Country of the store:


  • Go to Settings/ iTunes & App Store / Apple ID / Country Region / Change Country or Region.

On Mac:

  • Open App Store, Click on your user on the bottom left side, View Information and it will open the Account Information
  • There, change the Country or Region


  • Account Menu / View my Account / Change Country or Region
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