How can I use Perimeter 81 from China?

VPN connections from China can be challenging and the public servers of Hong Kong and India are currently working properly in China.

In order to have a private server working properly in mainland China, Perimeter 81 technical team needs to perform some technical changes on your Server. These changes should be done on a Japanese Server.

In order to have Perimeter 81 VPN working in China, you will need to:

  1. Deploy a server in Japan.
  2. Send us a request with the server IP (all the information can be found here on how to find the IP), asking for the Chinese configuration.
  3. Our technical team will configure your server accordingly.
Note that if you are searching for the Perimeter 81 app in the App-store and can't find Perimeter 81, you will have to make a new Apple user and than connect.
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