How do I invite new team members when a third-party IDP is configured?

When enabling a third-party Identity Provider (Okta, g-Suite, JumpCloud, Azure, OneCloud) you don't need to invite team members to join Perimeter 81.

Manually email (or any other desired communication method) the download links to your colleagues, who can sign in to your Perimeter 81 workspace without any further activity or invite process needed on your end. Here are the download links for Mac and Windows.  

After the application is installed, they'll simply type in your workspace URL, and then sign in with the IDP username and password.
NOTE:  If you have disabled the standard Identity Database and are only using the IDP, you will get the following error message "In order to turn off, you must add an alternative provider to this account. Upon logging in via alternative provider the account must have an admin. Click Add provider button to see provider."


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