Windows Manual Configuration

In order to set up an L2TP connection to your Perimeter 81 gateway using Windows 10's native VPN, follow the steps below.

Network Setup

1. To add a new VPN for Windows connection, select Start on your desktop and then select system Settings.

2. Go to the Network & Internet.

3. Select VPN from the menu.
4. Select Add a VPN Connection.

5. Fill in the required fields with the following information:

  • Connection name: Choose an indicative name of your own choice.
  • Server name or address: Enter your server DNS or IP. This information can be found in the Network tab in your Perimeter 81 platform, as shown below.


  • VPN Type: L2TP/IPSec with pre-shared key
  • Pre-shared key: SaferVPN2017
  • User name and Password: Open the Perimeter 81 Management Platform, and go to the Team tab. Select the member for which you'd like to generate a unique pair of username and password, select the three-dotted menu (...) and choose Manage Devices.
    The following screen displays:
    6. Select Create Access Key. Copy the Access Key ID and paste into the User name field. Copy the Secret Access Key and paste into the Password field.

Connect to Perimeter 81

1. Once your changes are saved, select the created Perimeter 81 connection.
2. Select Connect to start the VPN connection.

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  • In the instructions, it says to create an IKEv2 connection, but the screenshot shows a L2TP\IPsec with pre-shared key. This is quite confusing. I was also unable to get the IKEv2 connection to work. I followed the iOS steps for L2TP connections on my Windows machine and was finally able to get connected via the native VPN client.

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  • Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for your awareness.
    The article has been updated according to your suggestions.
    If any other questions or remarks arise, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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