Adding an Identity Provider


Perimeter 81 seamlessly integrates with various third-party Identity Providers including G Suite/Google Cloud Identity, Okta Identity Cloud and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
In order to integrate an Identity Provider into the Perimeter 81 platform, click on ‘Settings’ in the left-hand navigation menu. Next, click on the ‘Security’ tab in the Settings portal and select the blue ‘Add Provider’ button at the bottom of the screen.

A list of Identity Providers will appear. Select your desired Identity Provider and click ‘Continue.’

The default setting is that all Identity Provider users can log into Perimeter 81.
If you would like to limit Perimeter 81 access to specific Identity Provider groups, you can do so by clicking the lock symbol next to the name of your Identity Provider.

Select the different groups that you’d like to give Perimeter 81 access and click ‘Save’.

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