Configuring Perimeter 81 Site-To-Site with Check Point Firewall


The following procedure demonstrates how to configure the Perimeter 81 integration on the Check Point firewall device using the Check Point management interface. You must replace the example values in the procedures with the values that are provided in the configuration file downloadable from the Perimeter 81 management area.


First Step - Add new VPN site

  1. Create new Site to Site VPN connection
  2. Update the IP address that you have created on Perimeter 81 management (this is the IP server that you will want to connect to)
  3. Update the Pre-Shared secret that was provided by Perimeter 81 configuration file

Second Step - Configure perimeter 81 network topology

Define Perimeter 81 network topology

Perimeter 81 networks:

P81 default network CIDRs:

  • You can change the Perimeter 81 networks IPs through the management portal if it overlaps with your network.

Third Step - Configure encryption type

Update the Encryption tab with Renegotiate every 86400 sec (1 day)


Forth Step

Update the following on the Advanced tab

  • Enable Permanent VPN tunnels
  • Encryption method: IKEv2

In case you will need additional routes, it can be added manually on the routing tab -

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