Configuring Perimeter 81 Site-To-Site with Untangle NG Firewall

This procedure explains how to integrate the Untangle NG Firewall with Perimeter 81. Please follow the steps below:

1. On the Apps page install the Application IPSec.

2. Enable the IPsec VPN application.

3. Create a new IPSec Tunnel by selecting Add.

3. Fill in the information as seen in the image below. Please contact Perimeter 81 Support to receive your Pre Shared Secret Key at

4. Select Done and then Save.

5. Check the Tunnel Status; it should be Active.

6. Select Add to create a rule to allow the connected clients to access the internal LAN.

7. Add the LAN subnet of the address the perimeter 81 tunnel side will provide (

8. Enable the rule by selecting Done.

9. Select Save to apply the new rule.

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