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You can connect your Perimeter 81 Account to Google Suite (Google Apps) by providing the Google Client ID and Client Secret to Perimeter 81. Follow the 3 steps below -

  1. Generate the Google Client ID and Client Secret
  2. Enable the Admin SDK Service
  3. Enable and Configure the Perimeter 81 GSuite Connection

1. Generate the Google Client ID and Client Secret

  1. While logged in to your Google admin account, go to the API Manager and then Credentials left-hand menu (

You should follow steps 2-3 are only in case you do not have already a project defined on Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Click on 'create' button to create new project
  1. In the dialog box that appears, provide a Project name, answer Google's email- and privacy-related questions, and click Create:
  1. Under 0Auth consent screen, Application Type is public and write down the Application Name for example Perimeter 81.
    You will have to add “” into “Authorized domains” list on “Credentials” -> “OAuth consent screen”

Please also fill in application Homepage Link with your workspace URL and then click Save.

  1. Google will take a moment to create your project. When the process completes, Google will prompt you to create the credentials you need.
  1. Click on Create credentials to display a pop-up menu listing the types of credentials you can create. Select the OAuth client ID option.

  2. At this point, Google will display a warning banner that says, "To create an OAuth client ID, you must first set a product name on the consent screen." Click Configure consent screen to begin this process. Provide a Product Name that will be shown to users when they log in through Google.

  1. At this point, you will be prompted to provide additional information about your newly-created app

  2. Select Web application, and enter Perimeter 81 as the name for the app.

  3. Under Restrictions, enter the following information:

a. Authorized JavaScript origins:

b. Authorized redirect URI:

  1. Click Create. Your Client Id and Client Secret will be displayed:

Google may show an "unverified app" screen before displaying the consent screen for your app. To remove the unverified app screen, complete the OAuth Developer Verification process.

Save your Client Id and Client Secret to enter into the Connection settings in Perimeter 81.


2. Enable the Admin SDK Service

If you are planning to connect to Google Suite enterprise domains, you will need to enable the Admin SDK service.

  1. Navigate to the Library page of the API Manager.

  2. Select Admin SDK from the list of APIs:

  1. On the Admin SDK page, click Enable.

3. Enable and Configure the Perimeter 81 GSuite Connection

  1. Log in to your Perimeter 81 management dashboard, and navigate to Settings -> Security.

  2. Click + Add Provider

  3. Choose G Suite / Google Cloud Identity

  1. Fill Domain name, Domain aliases (optional), Google client id and Google secret
  1. Click Done

  2. You will need to configure your settings so that your app can use Google's Admin APIs. If you're the administrator, you can click Continue on the Connection's Settings page to do so. If not, provide the URL you're given to your administrator so that they can adjust the required Settings.

You're all set. Google Suite is now connected and users should be able to login with their GSuite account.

4. Access Error troubleshooting

If your users are getting access error after the configuration ,please check these steps.

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