DUO Security

his article walks you through configuring DUO security for Perimeter 81.


Configure the DUO SSO Application

You must generate ntegration key, API hostname and Secret key to connect Perimeter 81 to DUO.

In the Applications page click on the blue button "Protect an Application".

In the search bar type "Web SDK" and click "Protect this Application" as shown in the picture below.

Change the Name.

After accepting you can find the integration key, API hostname and Secret key in the Details section.


Configure Perimeter 81

Log in to your Perimeter 81 management dashboard, and navigate to Settings -> Security.

  1. Go to Settings and click on the security tab.

  2. Enable 2 factor authentication on the desired IDP by clicking the Turn On button.

  3. In the new screen that opened click on Duo Security.

  4. Fill The integration key, API hostname and Secret key from the DUO configuration

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