Assigning User Roles

The Perimeter 81 platform allows you to assign different team members User Roles defined as Owners, Managers, Billing Administrators and Users. User Role permissions are as follows:

  • Owner: Owners can modify permission settings and assign roles to other team members.
  • Manager: A member can deploy new servers, invite, add, and delete team members, create user groups and monitor network activity.
  • Billing: Billing administrators can adjust billing information and update payment methods.
  • User: A User can access the apps and app download screen.

1. To modify User Roles as an owner or administrator select Team in the Management Portal on the left side.

2. Select the Members tab in the Team portal.

3. Select the three-dotted menu (...) next to a team member's name to change their role.

4. Select Change Role in the drop-down list.



5. A window will appear with the different available roles. Select the desired role for your team member and select Apply.


Note: If an owner will no longer be a portal administrator, a new manager must be selected to be the account owner and administrator. A manager cannot assign themselves as an owner.

Breakdown of Roles Permissions

Function Add Licenses (Team Members & Servers) Invite Team Members Adjust Network Settings Change Settings & Configuration View Activities View Billing and Update Payment Method
Owner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Billing  Yes No No No No Yes
User No No No No No No


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