Creating User Groups

How to Create a User Group:

To create a User Group, enter the ‘Team’ tab in the Management Portal. Select the ‘Groups’ tab below and click the blue button, ‘Add Group’ on the right side of the window.


Groups allow you to easily segment network and resource access by assigning specific server access to a select group of team members.


How to Edit Members in a Group

Once you have created a Group, you can easily edit members by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side and choosing 'Manage Members'.


Click the + sign to list members. Select the team members you want to add to the Group. Please notice that you will see only non-members on the list.


The new members are added to the group.


How to Manage Access for Groups

Groups are created to control who can access which location. Under ‘Network’ on the right side-bar, choose ‘Locations’. Click on the 3 dots next to the location you’d like to limit or grant access to and choose ‘Manage Networks’.


Select or Remove the teams as desired for this location.



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  • Is there functionality to import groups from your identity provider?

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  • Once you are using the 3rd party IDPs Perimeter 81 will automatically inherit the user groups from your IDP.

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