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Team Area

The Team area is fundamental to the Perimeter 81 platform. The two areas within the Team area to understand are "Members" and "Groups".



This is where you will see all the members in your organization who have been invited to access your private servers. Each user has their own individual sign in credentials and can access Perimeter 81 from any country and any device in the world.
You can choose to login with new set of credentials or use your organisation identity provider by following the Adding an Identity Provider doc.

You can only have as many team members as you do purchased licenses. The number of remaining licenses is shown in the right of the Team window above to the "Invite Members" button.



This is where you will see all groups in your organization and what server "Locations" they have permission to access. Each group can only access the Locations that they are specifically permitted. Only the Account Owner and Manager can manages the Groups and change these permissions from the management portal.


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