How do I create user groups?

1. To create a User Group, select Team in the Management Portal on the left side.

2. Select the Groups tab and select Create Group on the right side of the window.

Follow the instructions below or watch this video.



Groups allow you to easily segment the network and resource access by assigning specific server access to a select group of team members.

How to edit members in a group

Once you have created a group, you can edit members by selecting the three-dotted menu (...) on the right side and selecting Manage Members.


Now select Assign new members to start selecting team members you want to add to the Group.

NOTE: You will see only non-members on the list.


The new members are assigned to the group.


How to manage access for groups

Groups are created to control who can access which location.  

1. Select the three-dotted menu (...) on the right side of the bar and choose Manage Access.


2. Then you have the option to limit or grant access to each group.


3. Select Done when finished.





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