How do I connect to the Perimeter 81 application?


Four steps and you'r in:

  1. Download the Perimeter 81 application.

  2.  Next, please log in to the application. To log in, you will need to provide your organization’s workspace, followed by your Perimeter 81 credentials or your organization’s Identity Provider.

    If you’re not sure what your workspace is, you can find it here.
  3.  Once you’re logged in, choose the location (organization or public) by clicking the location icon next to the green ‘Connect’ button. Client applications can be installed on up to 5 different devices. You can choose to connect to different types of gateways:

    Private - Your Organization Private Servers, dedicated to your organization
    Public - General gateways, shared by all Perimeter 81 customers
    Favorites - The gateways you've chosen to be your favorites
  4.  Settings can be found in the client applications by clicking on the right corner menu bar.
    The menu settings include protocol type, start options, auto Wi-Fi, kill switch option and support.

    Congrats! You have now connected successfully.

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