How to configure Perimeter 81 on my Linux machine?

Currently, there is no Native Linux (Ubuntu) Permeter81 app. However, Perimeter 81 can be configured manually on your Linux device. Please follow the following instructions to manually configure Perimeter 81 on your device.

Install the OpenVPN Manager
  • Start a Terminal session


  • Install the OpenVPN Manager by entering the following command:
sudo apt-get install -y network-manager-openvpn-gnome
  • Once the installation is complete, restart the Network Manager by entering the following command:
sudo service network-manager restart
sudo wget /etc/openvpn/
Create a connection
  • Expand the System menu, click on Network Connections -> VPN Connections -> Configure VPN...
  • Click on the VPN tab
  • Click on the Add button

  • For the Connection Type select OpenVPN
  • Click Create
Configure the Connection
  • Specify the Connection name as "Location Name" (or another indicative name)
  • Per your needs, fill in one of the following Perimeter 81 location hostnames for the Gateway field.
    ** Your company manager can retrieve the hostname (DNS) within the management console under the Network Public Locations / Locations tabs.
  • Choose Password as the Type
  • Enter your Manual VPN Keys as your Username and Password in the matching fields.
    Please note. Only your company manager can issue manual VPN keys through the cloud management console: as instructed in How to create Manual VPN Keys.
  • For the CA Certificate browse and select /etc/openvpn/
    Under Advanced -> Security -> Cipher select AES-256-CBC*
  • Click the OK, and then click on Apply
  • Open the OpenVPN advanced option and make sure the LZO Compression is disabled. (Note: due to a bug with the Linux OpenVPN, please select and de-select the LZO Compression)
  • Close the Network Manager applet
  • Make sure to restart the network manager (which can be done in terminal, by applying "sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart")

From Ubuntu 18.0.4 the LZO Parameter screen will be changed and should be defined as the following:

Connecting to Perimeter 81
  • Click on the Network Manager icon on the top right hand of your screen
  • Next, point to the VPN Connections, and select the VPN configuration that you have just created and start the connection process
  • During the connection establishment process, the network icon will blink for about 3-10 seconds
  • Once you are connected to Perimeter 81, you will notice a lock badge on the network icon
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