Why am I receiving an N/A error?

An "N/A" or a "There are no available locations" error means a user does not have access to any server (private nor public).


This can be resolved by having your Perimeter 81 account administrator perform at least one of the following actions:

1. Grant the user access to a private server.

2. Go to the Team tab in your Perimeter 81 management platform.

3. Find the group to which you want the user to belong and select the three-dotted menu (...).

4. Select Manage Members.


Now select Assign new members to start selecting team members you want to add to the Group.

NOTE: You will see only non-members on the list.


The new members are assigned to the group.


5. Go to Settings, and select the Configuration tab.

6. Enable the Public VPN Locations option.

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