Why I am receiving an N/A error?

An "N/A" or a "There are no available locations" error or the message is resulted in the case where a user does not have an access to any server (private nor public).


This can be resolved by having your Perimeter 81 account administrator perform (at least) one of the following actions:

  • Grant the user access to a private server
    • Go the to the Team tab in your Perimeter 81 management platform.
    • Find the group to which you want the user to belong and click the the dots at the end of its line.
      Click Manage Members.
    • Click Assign Members (at the right corner of the table) and insert the email addresses or usernames of the user(s) you'd like to add to the group (in the following .
  • Grant the user access to Perimeter 81's public servers
    • Go to the Settings section, and choose the Configuration tab.
    • Enable the Public VPN Locations option.
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