Can't Connect? Perimeter 81's Internet Connection Troubleshooting Guide


For your first torubleshooting, please follow these steps. Your issue can be fixed after each one of the steps.

Step 0: If you are running macOS version

Update for application to

Step 1: Install the latest application
Step 2: Change the protocol

Go to settings / protocols and change the protocol according to the following order:

  • OpenVPN
  • IKEv2


Step 3: Clear application cache


  1. Quit the app, delete %LOCALAPPDATA%\Perimeter81\perimeter81_settings_new.xml
  2. Delete openVpnConfigsCache.json and all folders in the APP_DIRECTORY\config (by default - C:\Program Files (x86)\Perimeter 81\config)
  3. Kill Perimeter81.Service.exe process under services (or better to restart the Windows)
    This wipes out all caches, but steps 2 and 3 require admin privileges.
  4. install the new client from


  1. Quit the Perimeter 81 app from the task bar.
  2. Open the Terminal app and run the following 2 commands:
a) `defaults delete com.safervpn.osx.smb`
b) `rm -R ~/Library/'Application Support'/com.safervpn.osx.smb` 


Step 4: Send logs

If none of the above instructions helped, please open a ticket and attach the logs


The application logs available in the %AppData%\Local\Perimeter81\logs or %LocalAppData%\Local\Perimeter81\logs folder. Here is how to get to it.


Please run the following commands on Terminal. The logs will be placed on your desktop.

`cp /tmp/Perimeter81.log ~/Desktop/`
`cp -R /var/log/Perimeter81 ~/Desktop/`
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