How do I cancel my Perimeter 81 subscription?

Cancellation policy

We aim to offer you the best product and customer support around the clock.
If for any reason you choose to cancel your subscription within 30 days, we will issue you a full refund. 

How to cancel Perimeter 81 subscription

In order to cancel your Perimeter 81 subscription, firstly you will need to remove your Perimeter 81 team members in the team area and then remove the servers in the network area.

After removing the users and networks, please go to billing and remove your Perimeter 81 licenses.

After you've completed the two-step above, you can cancel your account by selecting Cancel in the Cancel Subscription section on the bottom of the billing page.


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  • I can not access this as I never completed the account process and you send me to a "try a demo" loop ever time I try to interact with you. Just remove my aborted attempt and leave me alone. David JOHN Hurley ( You will never get any payment from as I do not even have access to an account

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