How to add an HTTP/HTTPS application

Perimeter Zero

How to add an HTTP/HTTPS Zero Trust Application

The following guide walks you through configuring an HTTP/HTTPS connection to a remote web page. 

1. Go to the Applications tab at the Perimeter 81 Platform. Select Add application.


2. Fill in the following information:


  • Application Name: Choose an indicative name of your own choice.
  • Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS
  • Icon: Use default or choose an icon of your own choice.
  • Host: Enter the internal IP address of the server to which you'd like to connect.
  • Port: 80
  • SSL Certificate Validation (HTTPS Only): Once you inserted an SSL Certificate, if you tick this box, the application will be accessible only as long as the SSL Certificate is valid.
  • Network: Choose the network that contains the gateway from which you created a tunnel to the environment that hosts the server you'd like to connect to.
  • Display Application Icon at Login Screen: Choose according to your own preference.
  • URL Alias (Optional): See further instructions here.
  • Custom HTTP Headers: Mandatory in case you inserted an explicit DNS as the host parameter; Optional otherwise.

  • Access Groups: State the names of the user group who'll have access to the HTTP application.
  • Policy: Leave blank, or choose a policy that was previously created and matches your needs.

3. In order to connect to the application insert the application FQDN in the URL line of your browser or connect through the Perimeter 81 platform.

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