How to Create a Network

How to Create a Network

In order to create a network for your organization, follow this step by step guide. If you are still unsure what a Perimeter 81 network is, we recommend reading the attached article.

  1. Select Create Network on the Network tab.

  2. Once the below window has opened, fill in according to the following:


Enter the following data:

  • Network Name – An indicative name for the Network you are building. For example, HQ, Finance, or Staging
  • Icon – Use default or choose an icon of your own choice.
  • Region – Region is the physical location where the gateway will be deployed. Choose one or more regions from the available regions listed (Europe, North America, East Asia, Australia, and Israel).
  • Gateways – The number of gateways you want to deploy in a particular region. Having multiple gateways enables high availability and a better load balance. The number of gateways should not exceed the number of available licenses.
  • Network Tags – Use tags to help identify the different purposes and/or teams your Network will support
  • Subnet – Optional. If the subnet is not specified, it will receive a default value of
    Important: Once the network is created the subnet range(s) cannot be changed, so please make sure to select the subnet that is not being utilized in your internal network.

After defining your Network specifications, you can see your Network being created.:


After the Network is successfully created, it will appear in the Network tab.


Learn more: How to customize your network? Split Tunneling, Routes, Custom DNS, and IPSec Tunnels.

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