What are the differences between all plans?

Perimeter 81 offers several types of subscriptions designed for a variety of use cases and company sizes.



  • Cloud management platform
    Easily manage your organization's network
  • Network deployment
    Automatically deploy your network in less than 10 minutes
  • Dedicated global gateways
    Private cloud gateways dedicated solely to your company and its needs
  • Agentless application access
    Zero Trust access to HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, VNC, SSH applications
  • Policy-based segmentation
    Easily manage application access by creating customized policies with a more granular authentication approach
  • 14 days of activity audits & logs
    Monitor logins, gateway deployments and app connections
  • Easy to use apps
    Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Automatic Wi-Fi security
    Our patented feature automatically protects employees' devices when they connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks
  • Two-factor authentication
    Prevent remote attacks with built-in SMS and Google Authenticator 2FA integration
  • Site-to-Site interconnectivity
    Bridge the gap with fully customizable networking. Interconnect your cloud environments and different network branches.
  • Split tunneling
    Enables you to decide which subnet your traffic will go through if it’s Perimeter 81 or elsewhere.
  • Custom DNS
    In order to use your internal DNS servers, once defining a tunnel you can also define a custom DNS server instead of using the default DNS.
  • Self-service knowledge base
    Find any tutorials, guides, and articles on anything you need about Perimeter 81
  • 4 hours Email support
    Get immediate assistance with 4 hours email response support


Standard Subscription will be automatically applied to all customers who joined before December 15th and includes single sign-on capabilities in addition to the basic features.  


In addition to all the basic features, the pro subscription also includes

  • Quick Email support 
    Get immediate assistance with our  2 hours email response support
  • Shared gateways in 35 locations
    Secure gateways that are shared among the Perimeter 81 network
  • Single sign-on capabilities
    Implement a unified login via Single Sign-On providers such as Okta, G Suite, Azure AD and Active Directory LDAP
  • Always-on VPN
    Establishes an automatic VPN connection any time an authorized client has an active internet connection. 


In addition to all the pro features, the enterprise subscription also includes 

  • Dedicated solution architect
    Get an appointed solution architect to assist with all your account’s needs
  • Dedicated account manager
    Get an appointed account manager to assist with all your account’s needs
  • SIEM integration
    Capture, retain, and delivery of security information and events in real-time to all SIEM applications
  • Phone support
    Get a 24/7 phone support with a tech support manager


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