Accelerate GDPR Compliance with Perimeter 81

Data Protection

GDPR requirements include 160 different regulations on how you collect, store and use customer data, which is why finding an effective security solution is essential for compliance. Penalties for violations of record-keeping, security, breach notifications, or privacy obligations can reach ten million euros, or two percent of income – whichever is larger. 


Perimeter 81 allows businesses to identify personal data bound by GDPR requirements, determine where it is located and secure these resources accordingly.


Customize user access to the network to secure sensitive data with Perimeter 81. By assigning user roles to groups and securing resources with private servers, you can finally govern how data is used.


Protect user data beyond EU regulatory standards with a holistic security solution that encrypts transmitted data and secures access to the network both on-site and remotely.


With Perimeter 81’s Activity feature, IT staff can monitor, report and respond to data requests and breaches.

With GDPR in full effect, it’s important that you implement necessary security measures to secure customer data. With Perimeter 81, we make security simple and easy to use so that you can protect your data worry-free.

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