The End User Experience

Invited to Perimeter 81

Each team member must be invited to use the Perimeter 81 platform. This can be done in two ways: team members can be invited by email, or if the organization is using an identity provider, team members may log in via the client after downloading the application.

Logging in to Perimeter 81

To log in, you will need to provide your organization’s workspace, followed by your Perimeter 81 credentials or your organization’s identity provider. If you’re not sure what your workspace is, you can find the URL here. If your organization is using a two-factor-authenticator, you will be sent an SMS or a Google Authenticator code. After logging in you will see the main interface for the Perimeter 81 application.


Changing Server

Selecting Change will allow you to change the server you would like to connect to. By navigating between the tabs you will be able to choose if you would like to connect your private or public servers.


Checking your IP

While you are connected to the Perimeter 81 application, you will see the IP address button on the top right of the screen. By selecting the button, it will show your IP address.



You can enter the Settings section by selecting the right corner of the Menu bar. The settings options include protocol type, start options, Auto Wi-Fi and the Kill Switch option.


Getting Help (Chat window)

If you have questions about how to use the application, click the Chat window icon at the bottom of any page.




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