Adding Your Team to Groups


After you’ve invited all your team members, you can now organize your team by separating them into groups.  This will help you to assign specific resource access to different departments in your organization.

To create Groups, click ‘Team’ on the left-hand side, then click on the ‘Groups’ tab. Click the blue ‘Create Group’ button. Afterward, you can write the desired name of your group and click ‘Create Group’.

In this tab, you will see all groups of your organization and see which server "Locations" they have permission to access. Each group can only access the "Locations" that they are specifically granted. Only the Account Owner and Manager can manage the Groups and change the permissions from the management portal.

Once you have your group, you can populate it with team members by going to the three dots on the right-hand side and clicking ‘Edit Members’ in the drop-down. Just assign members to the group by entering their names or email addresses and then clicking the blue ‘Assign Members’ button.

You can also easily adjust the server locations a group can access by clicking ‘Manage Locations’ in the drop-down menu. Here you can select new locations to add or remove existing ones.

Additionally, you can sync groups by identity providers. When you are setting up access rules they will be automatically synced to the entire lists of groups that are connected with the specific identity provider. All users that are accessing via this identity provider will have access to the synced groups.

Follow the link for more information about creating and maintaining groups.

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