Inviting Your Team Members to Perimeter 81


The very first step in creating your secure network is to add your team members!

To start inviting your team members, click ‘Team’ on the left-hand side. Then click ‘Add Licenses’, enter the number of licenses you would like to add and click ‘Continue’. Now, click ‘Invite Members’ and then enter your team members’ emails. Then click the blue ‘Invite Team Members’ button!

To give your team members different levels of permission and assign roles, simply click the three dots next to a team member's name to change their role. Select the user’s desired role and click ‘Apply.’

Here are the different ways for end-users to connect to their Perimeter 81 account:

User & Password

If you have available licenses, simply type in the team member’s email and they will receive a welcome invite. They will use this link to claim their new account credentials, log in to your organization workspace, create their password, and download the Perimeter 81 application.

Single Sign-On

Perimeter 81 offers seamless Single Sign-On integration with several identity providers, including Okta, G Suite and Microsoft Azure AD. For on-premises, Perimeter 81 integrates with Active Directory/LDAP through the Active Directory/LDAP Connector that you install on your network.

With Identity Provider integrations, your team can instantly and securely log in to Perimeter 81 with the credentials they use for your organization’s Single Sign-On provider.

To integrate your Identity Provider of choice, simply click ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side menu. Go to the Security tab and click ‘Add Provider’. Then add and submit the specific details requested for your provider of choice.

Two-Factor Authentication

Perimeter 81 offers extra security through two-factor authentication via SMS/push notifications, Google Authenticator and Duo Security. 

To activate Two-factor Authentication, click on ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu and then click on the ‘Security’ tab. Select Two-factor Authentication and click ‘Turn On.’


You can select one from the following Two-factor Authentication methods:

o SMS/Push Notification - Team members will receive a code via SMS or push notification for secure log in

o Google Authenticator

o Duo Security


You can also choose to select team members that will be required to complete two-factor authentication either for every login or once every 30 days. Then click ‘Done.’ You will now see green text in the status bar indicating that Two-Factor authentication has been activated.

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