Creating Your Network: Introduction

Creating Your Network: Introduction

The ability to create your own network is one of the fundamental features of the Perimeter 81 Platform. 

Each network has three basic components - Regions, Gateways and Tunnels - which ultimately  enable one or more groups of your organization’s team members to securely access your on-premise and cloud-based resources.

The region is the physical location where your gateway(s) will be deployed. End users will be automatically routed to the best network region, according to their physical location.

Gateways are dedicated servers attached to your region. Every gateway has its own static IP address and can be connected to others on-premises or cloud services by tunnels. One region can have several gateways, which improves the reality of the network and ensure better load balancing between the gateways.


For more information, see How to create a network, a step by step guide, as well as the following sections:

  • Access Local Networks
  • Access Cloud Infrastructure
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