Creating Your Network


The ability to create your own network is one of the fundamental features of the Perimeter 81 Platform. 

By creating a network with private gateways through the management portal, all of your team members can now share a single static outgoing IP address, only accessible by your organization. This creates the opportunity for many new security capabilities which are only possible with a static IP address. For example, remote users can always connect to the gateway first, then have their IP address whitelisted to a security group in AWS.

One network can contain different regions and gateways. The users when connecting through the application will be able to choose the network while keeping all the other network aspects ( region, gateways, tunnels) transparent to the end-user.


The region is the physical location where your gateway (s) will be deployed. End users will be automatically routed to the best network region, according to their physical location.
See instructions on how to create Regions in Modifying Your Network. A location is simply a group of private servers. This makes it easy to assign the static IP addresses to a group of members.


Gateways are dedicated servers attached to your region. Every gateway has its own static IP address and can be connected to others on-premises or cloud services by tunnels. One region can have several gateways, which improves the reality of the network and ensure better load balancing between the gateways. For more information about gateways, see Modifying Your Network.


Public Servers

By default, all Perimeter 81 accounts include access to our 36 global server locations. With these servers, the outgoing IP address is shared amongst several accounts simultaneously. These IP addresses rotate periodically, so it is advisable to use a private VPN Server instead of IP Whitelisting.

Your connection is still completely encrypted and private.

See instructions for Enabling/Disabling this setting in Advanced Configurations, Enable/Disable Public VPN Servers

After you have specified how many gateway licenses you need, you can begin creating your Network.


Click on the “Create Network” button on the Network tab and the Create Network screen will open.


Enter the following data:

  • Network Name – A logical name for the Network you are building. For example, HQ, Finance, Staging, etc.
    * Network Tags – Use tags to help identify the different purposes and/or teams your Network will support.
  • Subnet – Optional. The subnet of the Perimeter81 network is a private range of IP addresses. It cannot be changed later, so please make sure to select the subnet that you are not utilizing in your internal network. If the subnet is not specified, its value will be by default.
  • Region – Region is the physical location where the gateway will be deployed. Please choose from the available regions listed.
  • Gateways – The number of gateways you want to deploy in this region. Having multiple gateways enables high availability and a better load balance. The number of gateways should not exceed the number of available licenses.

Please note:

  • You can add multiple regions by pressing the “Add Region” button.
  • You will not be allowed to add more regions if all your licenses are allocated to gateways in other locations.

After defining your Network specifications, you can see your Network being created.:


After the Network is successfully created, it will appear in the Network tab.


Clicking on the Network name will display its details:


Network topology will show the different locations and different gateways per location.

Follow the link for more information about modifying networks.

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